Frequently asked questions


Q: Is Bootcamp Included in the 60 Day Challenge price?
A: We do offer a discount on a group sessions

Q: How often do I have to train?
A: Preferably 2 minimum bootcamps or 4 minimum Gym sessions a week

Q: Will the challenge work around my dietry needs?
A: Yes. Body Beyond Bootcamps dietician can work around any health or dietry requirements eg vegetarian,gluten          free, crohns, insuline resistance, diabetes etc,.

Q: When are sessions held ?
A: Please see timetable info

Q: Where are the session held?
A: Please see timetable info

Interstate and overseas – home program included.

Q: Can I still eat the foods I like?
A: Body Beyond Bootcamps nutrition plans are fun and family friendly with amazing recipes that will change the way you see food

Q: Will I be able to stick with the 60 day nutrition plan?
A: Our nutrition challenges have been test run and clinically proven to get results. Our daily motivation and group          facebook will keep you inspired.

Q: What does it cost?
A: Please see prices page for bootcamp and PT

Q: Do you have to use protein powders and supplements to get results?
A: For optimal results supplements are recommended but up to the individual. Protein is a crucial part  of our diet          and it helps us get the calories we need to boost our metabolism. We highly recommend real food diet.

Q: What about after the challenge, how can I maintain my results?
A: After completing full 60 day challenge you will have a set goal with us to maintain your results. Our 60 day                    challenges are a lifestyle change not a diet.